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Your Pet Record is the first step in managing your pet’s health, while reducing medical costs. Pet owners can manage, share, and control all of his/her pet’s health-related information, along with any other important document, all in one spot. Your Pet Record is a user-friendly, highly protected, electronic record keeping system that is accessed through cloud technology for the safety and security of you and your pets.

This is a unique tool giving pet owners control of their pet’s health. Individuals can instantly access their pet’s medical conditions, medications, vaccinations, lab work, breeding and performance records, family history, and other important documents. You can also store and view high definition images of MRI’s, X-Ray’s, and other test results. Your Pet Record can capture information from all your pet’s medical sources and be available 24/7. This gives you a complete health profile on your pet(s), accessible from anywhere in the world.

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