Your Pet Record

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about Your Pet Record. Check back often, as this page is constantly being updated to better assist our users. You can also find brief instructional videos on our YouTube page. Always feel free to email our help desk for support at or call us at 888-648-5072.

Why do I need Your Pet Record?

It is hard to organize different documents from different sources without having the proper tools to enter the information accurately. Your Pet Record provides pet owners with a simple form populated with separate categories and drop down options that give you detailed forms to fill in with information that is valuable not only to you as the owner, but to your pet’s medical specialists. It allows you to create multiple pet profiles, using your pets picture and basic characteristics, so you can easily identify which information belongs to which pet.

Other cloud storage applications don’t give you any format to organize your information. The pet owner is limited to only being able to store forms they already have. Your Pet Record gives the owner specific places for those documents and images, but also a place to explain detailed information related to those documents.

Our format allows the owner to organize their information in an application that has been created specifically for them by veterinarians and pet owners to take the confusion out of the information. Your Pet record provides complete accessibility at any time from any location in the world through any internet ready device.

How can I change my Login username and password?

To change the username and password that was setup for your account, you need to send an email to In the contents of your email provide your current username and password and then the new information you want to change it to. We’ll update it for you and send you an email when the change has been made.

Can I share Your Pet Record with my veterinarian?

Yes. You can share Your Pet Record with anyone that you trust with your username and password and they can have complete access. Or, you can share your ICE password and they can have read-only access to a select amount of information that you want them to see.

How do I upload files into Your Pet Record?

When you are adding information to Your Pet Record, you will see a button labeled “Upload”. But selecting this option, you will be able to choose from any of the files on your computer (or whichever device your are currently using), and add selected files to Your Pet Record.

How many pets can I store in Your Pet Record?

When you purchase Your Pet Record, you can store up to eight pets. For any addition pets, you will need to purchase the Upgrade for Your Pet Record, allowing you to add additional pets to your existing record.

What information can I store in Your Pet Record?

Your Pet Record will allow you to upload a picture of your pet and add detailed pet identifiers, along with the following categories of information: Owner Information, Appointments, Vaccines, Medications, Medical Conditions, Surgeries, Procedures, Lab Work, Medical Images (x-rays, ultrasound, etc.), Diet & Exercise Plans, Health Certifications, Insurance, Family History, and ICE Information. Documents can be uploaded to most categories to add supplemental medical records from your vet or other documents you feel are important to include in your pet’s record.

Can I store non-medical documents in Your Pet Record?

Yes. There is a section specifically for storing documents that aren’t a part of your pet’s medical record. Pre-identified categories include Breeding, Registration, and Event Certifications, but you can add any type of file you may have.

Can I change my ICE username and password?

Yes. You can change your ICE username and password as often as you want. Go into your Pet Details page for the specific pet you want to update. On the bottom right hand side of the page you can enter to new username and password you want to use. Each pet will need to be set up with its own unique ICE login information.

What information can I add into my pet’s ICE page?

The ICE page is designed to allow the pet owner to determine what they feel is the most important information to be added. This information can be updated for deleted as often as you like. The goal of the ICE page is to provide a care taker or medical professional with specific information on your pet if they end up out of your care. You can include medical information of any kind, additional contact numbers, and even your microchip information. This page is left for you to decide what you want someone to know in an emergency situation. With this information, a veterinarian can have access to any current medications or allergies before treating your pet. This will allow them to perform lifesaving medical care in the event of an emergency. We recommend adding your ICE username and password to your pet’s tag to inform someone of this information if your pet goes missing.